The Old Woman Who Became a Woodpecker

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The Old Woman Who Became a Woodpecker

The Old Woman Who Became a Woodpecker

ar in the Northland, where the winter days are so short and the nights so long, and where they harness the reindeer to

 sledges, and where the children look like bear"s cubs in their funny, furry clothes, there, long ago, wandered a good Saint on

 the snowy roads.

He came one day to the door of a cottage, and looking in saw a little old woman making cakes, and baking them on the


Now, the good Saint was faint with fasting, and he asked if she would give him one small cake wherewith to stay his


So the little old woman made a VERY SMALL cake and placed it on the hearth - but as it lay baking she looked at it and

thought, "That is a big cake, indeed, quite too big for me to give away."

Then she kneaded another cake, much smaller, and laid that on the hearth to cook, 

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